Weak moments

Today I went totally off my eating plan. I was stressed.  Really stressed.  I have all of these deadlines that I have to make.  My kids were little like rabid monsters.  I was running late to an appointment.  I just wanted to break down and cry.  Then, I had to run to the grocery store. […]

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Let them eat cheesecake!

There is nothing that I like more than cheesecake.  There will be cheesecake in heaven–there just has to be.  I have committed to not eating sugar, so I know that cheesecake is off limits. (I know that there are sugar free cheesecakes, but I don’t like sugar substitutes, so why waste the calories?)  My favorite […]

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They want to melt in my mouth

Today was the first day of my new lifestyle.  I decided to go easy on myself and just cut out sugar.  (Just.  Ha ha.)  I thought it would be easy.  After all, I’ve cut sugar out of my diet before.  Of course, that was when my kids and husband were out of town.  I just […]

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