Week 1: My First Vlog

So, I got my husband a smart phone mount for our tripod.  (Because in reality, we never use our fancy camera.  We always end up using our phones.)  Well, I got thinking that I could use it to make a video about my journey. Yes, I’m starting again.  At 317 pounds. I recorded this blog […]

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More to life than a number

I am a big advocate of learning to eat what your body needs and letting go of willpower.  I just came across an awesome TED talk today about how dieting and willpower doesn’t help you lose weight.  Instead, we need to listen to our bodies.  (Yes, I know I post a lot from TED–I love […]

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It took me a while to get to the computer this evening.  I was watching the social media fallout from the Biggest Loser finale.  I am not going to comment on it directly, because I’m sure many people have not watched it yet.  I’m just not sure if the show pushed the contestants too far […]

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