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I feel like I’m not doing anything well

“I feel like I’m not doing anything well.” I was sitting in my advisor’s office at the University of Colorado.  It was late April, I was supposed to be close to finishing an annotated bibliography for my thesis. My son was struggling in school with hyperactivity, which involved lots of communication with school.  On top of […]

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Every day I am married to you is the most stressful day of my life

When I first started this blog, I embarked on a journey to cut sugar and other carbs out of my diet.  I was doing well until I started teaching for the Spring semester.  Teaching takes a lot of energy and pulled a lot of my focus away from my dieting.  I wish that teaching was […]

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Diet: Take 2

I saw this meme, and I realized how much it describes my life.  I was going strong on my new eating plan until major stress hit me.  Then, I couldn’t fight the barrage of sugary treats offered to me on a regular basis.  I haven’t gained all of my weight back, but I have gained […]

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I will live life after this diet…


Today, my cousin posted this article on Facebook: #FitFam: 11 Reasons Why The Fitness Culture On Social Media Needs To Be Stopped.”  I was curious about the article, because my cousin is a fitness nut.  He posts about what he eats, what he’s doing at the gym, what other people are doing wrong at the […]

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Half Day Eating Plan

I am on the half day eating plan.  The first half of the day, I follow my eating plan.  After my kids get home and the stress begins, I am no longer on the plan.  I eat what is convenient. This started when I began working about 70 hours a week a couple of weeks […]

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Weak moments

Today I went totally off my eating plan. I was stressed.  Really stressed.  I have all of these deadlines that I have to make.  My kids were little like rabid monsters.  I was running late to an appointment.  I just wanted to break down and cry.  Then, I had to run to the grocery store. […]

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