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It’s not about willpower

Willpower.  It is what every fat person wishes they had more of.  I want to challenge the idea that losing weight takes more willpower. I used to believe that every person should eat a certain kind of food to be healthy.  When I believed that, I gained weight at a constant pace.  What if being […]

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What do the Broncos have to do with weight loss?

I am sitting here from my home in the Denver area, processing the Broncos’ loss in the Super Bowl.  I’m not much of a football fan, so I am not as sad as all of those around me.  Instead, I have been thinking of how to turn this disappointing loss into a learning experience. How […]

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Thin people diagnosing fat people

One of my major pet peeves is when a thin person tries to diagnose why I’m fat.   I find that most of these people have been thin their whole lives; they’ve never had to deal with their weight.  The ones who brag about what great shape they’re in are my favorite.  If I were […]

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