Ketosis and Thirst

I am on day seven of my new journey.  I chose to follow a ketogenic diet.  I will explain why as I go along.  I actually picked this diet for a scientific reason.  Through my research, this was the best choice for my nutritional type.

I feel GREAT on the diet so far.  I am following the newer Atkins diet that incorporates vegetables in the diet.  I haven’t had most of the side effects that are supposed to come with the diet like headaches and fatigue.  I actually feel way better.  I don’t have dips in energy.  I feel like I even sleep more efficiently.  Oh, and I’ve been fighting eczema on my hand for about 10 years.  It went away.  I love it.

On diets in the past, I dealt with side effects like crazy.  Now, I feel like I am in a happy zone.  The only major side effect that is getting me down is extreme thirst.

I am thirsty ALL THE TIME.  It’s a good thing I like water, because that is what I’ve been drinking.  (It has been my drink of choice forever.  Who gets fat drinking water all day?  Me, that’s who.)  I googled this phenomenon, and I guess this is completely normal.  And it goes away after induction.  THANK GOODNESS.  I feel like a camel.

Check out my blog tomorrow.  I am going to weigh in in the morning.  I know I’ve lost weight, and I’m curious to see how much.  I’m a little worried, though, because the solution to extreme thirst is to take in more sodium. Hopefully I don’t bloat over night!

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