No Longer All By Myself

So, about 30 minutes after my last post, my husband comes down the stairs and says, “I changed my mind.  I’ll work out with you.  Sign me up.  I figure that if I can go cross country skiing and biking with my friends, I can work out with you.  I just like spending time with you.”  That statement, my friends, is what I would categorize as foreplay.

So, he’s moved from the dog house to the best husband ever.  Part of me wonders if he knows about this blog.  I’ve never told him about it, and he did just come out of the shower, so I’m pretty sure he decided on his own.  I would have made a note about the whole interaction on my last post, but he earned some extra special wife time, so I was a little busy.

Yay!  Now that he’s on board and I have a partner, I am much more excited about my journey. I just signed up for the OrangeTheory fitness challenge.  I may regret it later, but I have a plan!

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