All By Myself

I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself.  I know that I need to do something to lose weight.  I am tired of finding excuses to not do things that I know that I am in no shape to do.  I really could use some support, but I asked my husband if he would join Orange Theory fitness with me, and he really kind of said no.  This is the guy who will do a 30 mile bike ride with his friend on a whim.  The guy who goes skiing hut to hut every year with his friends.  The guy who will hunt for days in the freezing cold, hiking miles in the snow.  He really kind of said no.

This is probably why I am still fat.  I really need a companion, but no one really wants to work out with me.  I used to workout daily with my father when he was self-employed, but he had to go and get a real job. (Thanks, Dad.)  Now, it’s just me.

So, I was sitting here thinking about how I was all alone in the world, but I needed to do this anyway, the song All By Myself playing over and over in my head.  Where is my grit and determination?  I am successfully in so many other areas of my life.  Why is this so hard?

Okay, so as I am writing this, I decided that I am going to sign up for the OrangeTheory weight loss challenge.  I have a friend that jumped started her weight loss using OT.  Maybe there is hope.  I think I just talked myself into signing up.  Maybe the competition will get me going.  Maybe.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this video that shows how I feel (except I don’t smoke):

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