Monthly Archives: April 2014

An Inspirational Story

Here is a story that I want to share from my other blog: I’ve been busy, but the semester is almost over and I will be back! Cheers.

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Diet: Take 2

I saw this meme, and I realized how much it describes my life.  I was going strong on my new eating plan until major stress hit me.  Then, I couldn’t fight the barrage of sugary treats offered to me on a regular basis.  I haven’t gained all of my weight back, but I have gained […]

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Plus-sized insecurities

I hate going to work events with my husband. I have never told him this. I usually go with him anyway. My lack of desire to go to work events with him has nothing to do with him. My husband loves introducing me to his friends. He often can’t wait to show me off. That […]

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