Weak moments


Today I went totally off my eating plan.

I was stressed.  Really stressed.  I have all of these deadlines that I have to make.  My kids were little like rabid monsters.  I was running late to an appointment.  I just wanted to break down and cry.  Then, I had to run to the grocery store.

The lesson that I learned at the grocery store was: when you are on a restricted eating plan, and your entire day has been a disaster, and you want to cry, don’t go grocery shopping.  Just don’t do it.

My nerves were so shot, that I picked up a package of blueberries, and threw them in the cart.  The package opened and blueberries went everywhere.   I picked most of them up and told a store worker about the rest on the floor.  The gentleman working at the store was gracious.  He went in the back, got a broom, cleaned up the blueberries, and went back to put the broom away.

I continued my shopping trip, when the same blueberry container tipped over in the cart and went everywhere AGAIN.   Blueberries spread everywhere just as the store worker that helped me walked back from putting his broom away.  I spent the next few minutes apologizing profusely.  He just sighed and went back to get his broom.

It was after the blueberry incident that I walked past the cracker/cookie aisle.  I was in a health food store (my son is allergic to many things), and our favorite brand of overpriced cookies that he can eat were on sale.  Back to Nature sandwich cookies.  They are better than Oreos.  And they were buy one get one free.  Normally I could walk by, but it was that kind of day.  I thought to myself, Screw it!  I bought four boxes.

Let me just insert here that I made it through Girl Scout cookie season with boxes of cookies in my garage, and I never ate a single one.  Tonight, however, I made up for it.  When I got home, I put 3 boxes in the freezer, but I opened that fourth box the second I walked in the door.  My husband and daughter were happy to join me.  We ate all but two cookies.  I think I had 7 or 8.

I was in denial about the whole experience, but about two hours later, I saw the above meme on Pinterest.  Even Pinterest is giving me a hard time about my moment of shame.

So, I have decided that I am going to have to find another way to unwind.  Stress destroys my resolve.  I need a new outlet for stress.  My friend suggested running.  Hahaha.  My body still jiggles too much to run, which reminds me of one of my favorite memes:


I think I’ll keep searching for a better outlet for stress.

3 Comments on “Weak moments

  1. It’s truly awesome that you got the ‘takeaway’ (pun intended) from that life lesson there. Stress sure does lead us to make some of the least useful decisions. I look forward to hearing what you come up with as your outlet. All the best.

  2. Stress definitely derails us. When I’m torqued with stress, I try to leave my house for about 10 minutes and get some alone time. I may run, or walk, but I’m alone. It works for me – at least most of the time.

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