Monthly Archives: March 2014

Blogging does matter

Blogging does matter. I haven’t mentioned this before, but I am writing a thesis for my masters degree. My thesis involves researching how people talk about obesity. That is actually what inspired me to blog about my weight. I was skeptical, but curious about why people blog. In the process, I discovered something: blogging really […]

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I will live life after this diet…


Today, my cousin posted this article on Facebook: #FitFam: 11 Reasons Why The Fitness Culture On Social Media Needs To Be Stopped.”  I was curious about the article, because my cousin is a fitness nut.  He posts about what he eats, what he’s doing at the gym, what other people are doing wrong at the […]

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Half Day Eating Plan

I am on the half day eating plan.  The first half of the day, I follow my eating plan.  After my kids get home and the stress begins, I am no longer on the plan.  I eat what is convenient. This started when I began working about 70 hours a week a couple of weeks […]

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Weak moments

Today I went totally off my eating plan. I was stressed.  Really stressed.  I have all of these deadlines that I have to make.  My kids were little like rabid monsters.  I was running late to an appointment.  I just wanted to break down and cry.  Then, I had to run to the grocery store. […]

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More to life than a number

I am a big advocate of learning to eat what your body needs and letting go of willpower.  I just came across an awesome TED talk today about how dieting and willpower doesn’t help you lose weight.  Instead, we need to listen to our bodies.  (Yes, I know I post a lot from TED–I love […]

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