Fat vs. Muscle

Today my friend posted a link to a blog about building muscle on Facebook.  I perused the blog post for a little bit.  (It was a little ranty for my taste.)  As I scrolled down the screen, I saw a comparison of fat vs. muscle.  Here is a similar picture from a Shaklee consultant:


Wow. The point of the blog was to show how it is important to build more muscle to look more lean.  As I took in the image, all I could think of was I have 31 extra of those 5 lb. fat models attached to my body.  I looked down at my legs, and I saw a few 5 pound fat blobs on each leg.  I looked at my left arm, and there was one there, too.  Holy cow, no wonder I’m exhausted at the end of the day!

I have to admit, I am a little bit of a nerd.  Scientific comparisons of fat work much better on me than the societal pressure to look “sexier.”  When I realized that I lost 9 pounds, I wanted to go to the store and carry around 10 pounds of sugar to really wrap my head around the progress I had made.  When you have lost 9 pounds out of 167, it feels like you have taken such a miniscule step.  But then, as I walk around carrying 10 pounds for a few minutes, I really start to appreciate even the baby steps.

I think that it is often too easy to get overwhelmed by the length of our weight loss journey.  There have been many times that I have wanted to give up.  I am trying to really appreciate and visualize what each step is doing for me.  Now, I know that I lost almost 2 of the fat blobs in the photo.  I have lost almost 2 bags of flour.  I think that celebrating the little wins is what is keeping me going.

What do you do to celebrate the small wins?

2 Comments on “Fat vs. Muscle

  1. I treat myself to something inexpensive for the small wins. I might buy a new music stand to replace the one that always tips over. Something like that. But, when I get to goal, I might be looking at a brand new guitar or bass. lol

  2. I would love to celebrate my win by buying a new wood flute made out of grenadilla wood. Or a new laptop. Either would work–or both. I’m not too picky! 😉

    My daughter just got a new electric Epiphone acoustic-electric guitar. It’s beautiful. I say splurge!

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