What do the Broncos have to do with weight loss?

I am sitting here from my home in the Denver area, processing the Broncos’ loss in the Super Bowl.  I’m not much of a football fan, so I am not as sad as all of those around me.  Instead, I have been thinking of how to turn this disappointing loss into a learning experience.

How the Broncos’ 2013 season is a metaphor for weight loss

The Broncos started the season strong.  They were good.  They were on fire. The same goes for someone that starts a new diet.  The first week usually shows a decent loss on the scale.  It’s easy to be excited, motivated.

The Broncos had a good season. Sure, they lost a game every few weeks, but they won most of their games.  The fans were excited; the adrenaline was pumping.  That adrenaline fueled each new game. Likewise, when you are losing weight successfully, you feel invincible.  When you keep seeing good losses every week, an occasional bad week won’t get you down.

The Broncos played well through the playoffs.  Then, the Super Bowl came. The very first play by the Broncos offense was a disaster.  The center thought he heard Manning’s voice and snapped the ball before Manning was ready.  The image of Manning’s face as he saw the ball fly by was one of confusion and surprise.  That one play seemed to set the stage for a disastrous game.  The Broncos never seemed to regain their footing.

The same can happen when we have a hard week in weight loss.  Maybe we give into peer pressure and eat something we are not supposed to eat.  Maybe we are stressed and eat emotionally.  Maybe we just doubt our own ability to succeed and don’t see any hope for the future. In a country so obsessed with food, it is easy to lose your footing.

Momentum is everything in weight loss.  It is easy to give up when we feel that our efforts are going to produce results.  Our journey doesn’t have to be like the Broncos game tonight.  You could feel their spirit being crushed with each bad play, each touchdown that the Seahawks scored.  Each mistake that we make on our own journey can seem to hold us back.

Life is hard.  It is even harder when you have to lose weight.  What is going to keep you motivated–even through the hard spots?  There are times when every person feels the weight of the world on their shoulders.  What is going to keep you going in the hard times.  The Broncos never gained footing in the Super Bowl, even though they had a spectacular year.  It was the negativity of the moment that seemed to keep them down.

I have no answer for myself yet, but after watching the game, I know that I need to prepare myself beforehand to have hard times.  What am I going to do to keep myself motivated?  It is so easy to focus on the present and forget how spectacular we are and how far we’ve made it.  I am certainly guilty of dwelling on the mistakes of the current day and not looking back on my long term successes.  I don’t yet know what my inspiration will be, but I think I need to find it now before I go through the rough times.  What will be my lighthouse when I hit the fog?

The Broncos were a great team.  They lost sight of it for a short period of time, and it derailed their goals.  I don’t want that to happen to me.

What will be your lighthouse?

Outer Island Light Station

Outer Island Light Station, Apostle Island National Park, Wisconsin. nps.gov

One Comment on “What do the Broncos have to do with weight loss?

  1. Excellent post. I think several factors are in play for when we meet the inevitable brick wall in our diet. Have a plan – stick with it and try not to wander from it. Have motivational tools. They can be planned vacations, clothes that you want to fit into – whatever. Keep them visible as reminders that there is a goal here. Those two factors can play a large role in keeping us determined and focused on the prize.

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