The die in diet

My parents recently went on a Kaiser directed eating plan.  At the orientation, my dad was sitting next to a sizable fellow.  My dad said that while the nurse talked about the program, the man was not listening. Instead, the whole time he was writing the word diet and circling the first three letters.:


die in diet

Die in Diet

I don’t think that he is the only one that hates the word diet.

I teach college writing.  Once, one of my students wrote a paper on dieting.  Basically, she said that if people that needed to lose weight would stopping using the word diet and use the word “healthy living” instead, the dieting crisis would be solved and there would be world peace.  (Okay, I added the last part.)

I sat down with her and told her that you could not make the solution to a complicated issue seem so easy.  If it were easy to lose weight, then everyone would be thin.  In fact, by saying that losing weight (or quitting smoking or stopping drug use) is an easy task, it devalues the effort of all of the people that have tried to lose weight with no success.   Instead of listening, she then proceeded to show me why her argument was correct. (I suspect that she was really making a statement to me. For my feelings on that, see my last post.)

There is nothing easy about dieting.  In fact, I die a little bit inside at the thought of it.  But if you really think about it, parts of you do die with any diet.  I would like the part of me that is worried about sitting in wicker chairs to die.  Also, I would like the part of me that is worried about whether or not I am photographed at a bad angle to die.  I would like the part of me that is super hot in the summer because I have so much insulation to die.

I guess the “die” in diet is not all bad.  I think I will start making a list of the things I want to die with my weight.  I’ll make sure to show them in a later post!

(Fun side note: My husband, who has always been at a healthy weight, was curious about why I’ve been typing so much lately.  I finally showed him my last post about thin people diagnosing fat people.  When he reads my other blog, he makes a comment about it.  This time, he was silent.  Finally, I asked him what he thought.  His response: “I’m afraid to say anything.”  I can’t say that I blame him. Ha!)

5 Comments on “The die in diet

  1. Excellent post. I would like certain habits of mine to die off, or go extinct. lol I really wish that I get to goal, and then that my new eating habits become so routine that I’m not thinking about it anymore. Part of my issue is that losing weight/changing eating habits is so much at the forefront of my thought process, so much so that I’m always introducing temptation as a result. Does that make sense?

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