Weigh In #1

I did it!  I finally remembered to weigh myself!  I remembered after breakfast.  I considered waiting until tomorrow, but I decided to stop putting off the inevitable.  If you look at my photos, you see that my ostrich method–hiding, hoping my weight would disappear–is not working so well.


It is a big number, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I weigh exactly the same as I did last year.  When you’ve been steadily gaining 10 pounds a year, not gaining a single pound is a great improvement!  I learned about nutritional typing at the beginning of the year and started eliminating a lot of the foods I shouldn’t have been eating.  Most of them I don’t even like, but ate because they were all over that dumb FDA food pyramid.  I was still eating junk food, though.  But I didn’t gain any weight.  That showed me that I was on the right track.

I decided for some crazy reason to look up my BMI.  53.5.  YIKES.  Anything over 30 is considered obese.  To not be considered obese I have to weight 170. That is 137 pounds less than I weigh now.  What the heck has happened to me?

(By the way, I remember 170, and I was a size 12.  Since when was a size 12 considered obese?)

My target weight is 140.  That is at the top of my healthy range.  I picked the top of my range intentionally.  I once read a big article once about how to tell where you are supposed to fall in your healthy range (BMI of 20-25).  If you have small wrists, you should aim for the lower end of the range.  If you have large wrists, your ideal weight should fall on the higher end of the range.  The article I read said that a large wrist indicated that you are bigger boned and vice versa.  I own bigger boned.  My wrists are huge.  (Even when I was thin they were huge.)

I have to lose 167 pounds.

I am no longer pleasantly surprised. 167 pounds is 54% of my body weight.  That is more than half.  That number is totally insane.  It is time to get this under control.

I believe in setting goals.  My first goal is to lose 27 pounds.  That puts me at 280.  Then I am only double my goal weight.  Only double.  Now I need to make a plan.  How should I go about this?  I need to eliminate my sugar cravings, but then what?… That is my project for this weekend.  Make a better plan.

167 pounds. Yikes.

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