Minor details

So, I was thinking about the pain of going without sugar and my diet, and I realized that I forgot one crucial step of dieting:  I forgot to weight myself when I started.

Call it denial or… Okay, it’s denial.  Now that I realized that I have yet to weigh myself, I thought about doing it now.  But I can’t do it now.  I have jeans on (jeans are heavy), and I just drank a bunch of water, and I ate both lunch and dinner.  Nope, it will have to wait until the morning.

There is an art to weighing yourself.  You certainly can’t weigh yourself after a meal.  That just won’t do.  It has to be before a meal, or you might weigh a few ounces more.  Also, it always helps to weigh yourself after you’ve gone to the bathroom.  Pee is heavy.  A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds.  Imagine how much weight you’ll lose just by peeing! The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning after you’ve been to the bathroom.  That has to be the lowest weight of the day.

Obsessions over silly small things like this is probably the reason why I have yet to tackle my obesity problem.  Still, I am waiting to weigh myself until tomorrow.

I’ll post the results!

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