They want to melt in my mouth

Today was the first day of my new lifestyle.  I decided to go easy on myself and just cut out sugar.  (Just.  Ha ha.)  I thought it would be easy.  After all, I’ve cut sugar out of my diet before.  Of course, that was when my kids and husband were out of town.  I just learned that cutting out sugar during my regular daily life is a totally different situation.  A situation that I underestimated.

It started with Phase 2.  Phase 2 is a program that I attend through a local church that supports mothers of school age children.  It is like a MOPS group for women with older kids.

At every Phase 2 meeting, we get a free Starbucks drink of our choice.  I really wanted a latte, but I couldn’t use my normal sweetener of choice, which is Sugar in the Raw or another similar sugar.  I have an aversion to sweeteners, because they are linked to all sorts of illnesses like MS and Alzheimer’s.  If there is any part of me that I want in good health when I’m old, it’s my mind.  I usually reach for stevia which is not as happy as sugar, but I left my stevia at home on the counter.  I looked at my options.  I have to poison my body or drink this latte unsweetened.  I took a drink of my unsweetened latte.  Yuck.  Poison it had to be–I grabbed the Splenda.

I made my way to my Phase 2 meeting.  I was proud of myself for remaining sugar free.  Sure, it was only 9:45, but you have the celebrate even the little successes.  I went to sit down at my table, and the table had little chocolates scattered everywhere and a bowl of M&Ms.

I am pretty picky about my chocolate.  The chocolate there wasn’t too tempting.  It was out of my view.  Well, it was until the meeting started.  The main speaker introduced herself. Then she said, “We are going to play a fun game.  Grab a couple of M&Ms from the bowl and sit them in front of you.”  Really?  I am trying to avoid sugar, and I have to grab some M&Ms and sit them right in front of me?

Everyone grabbed their M&Ms.  I reluctantly reached over and joined them.  I sat the M&Ms in front of me.  I swear they grew eyes.  They were staring at me.  I had a hard time understanding what we were supposed to be doing with them, because I felt that they were calling me.  Eat me.

After 20 intense moments with the M&Ms, the game was done.  I’m not even sure that I got anything out of it. I quickly grabbed the M&Ms and threw them in my coffee cup and replaced the lid.

I looked at the clock.  10:30.  Four hours into the day, and I felt like I wanted to give up.  This diet might have to start next Monday.  Just kidding.  I am ready for this.

4 Comments on “They want to melt in my mouth

  1. I was laughing while reading about the M&M’s eyes. 🙂 Sugar was the hardest part for me to quit. Someone once told me that to establish a habit, it needs to be done for 7 consecutive days. I reversed that and thought, what if I don’t eat sugar for 7 days? Will I be free of the temptation and/or addiction? I’m not sure if it’s real or not (the 7 day thing), but it worked for me.

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