I’m going to start on Monday

I was at a coupon clipping party last night.  (I know– you are totally jealous at the exciting life I lead.)  During the party one of the ladies said, “We’re going to start our diet on Monday.”

Monday is the day that I have been going to start a new eating plan for years.    After all, who wants to start on the weekend?  Then, when Monday comes I can’t bring myself to commit, so I decided that I am going to start the next Monday.  It wasn’t until I heard this sentence come out of someone’s mouth that I realized how totally absurd it is.

Someecards: Let's start dieting Monday

Even though I know how absurd it is, I still can’t bring myself to start until Monday.  I guess it is the same idea as starting a health routine on January 1st.  It just feels right to start a new adventure on the first day of the week or the first day of the year.

The best day to start is now!

But still, I think I will start on Monday.  Watch out Monday.  Here I come.

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